Monday, March 11, 2013

New Music Monday

I had to share with you some of my favorite new tunes lately! 
The Lone Bellow: Tree To Grow  (live) 

I am loving this bands whole album. 
They are the perfect combination of The Head and The Heart, 
The Civil Wars, and Lady Antibellum! 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Favorite Things Lately: Metallic Edition

Sometimes, I love things with an edge. Sometimes, i love things that are completely, udderly, 
100% girly.
This metallic trend that has been dominating my pinterest lately will not leave my brain. All of the sudden, everything I love has some sort of metallic/glittery/shimmery vibe.
So here are some of my favorite projects, products, etc. that involve metallics!
DIY fringe heart pinnatta from Studio DIY 

  (This set up would be SO CUTE at a bachelorette!) 
Metallic & Pink Lumineers lyrics print by Stephanie Sterjovski

Are you getting into the metallic trend? What are your favorite items? 

Awesome friends take awesome pictures!

One of my good friends Jessica Greene, takes awesome pictures! I firmly believe that artists should always support their artist friends in any way they can. Getting better at something only comes with tons of hard work and research, and I felt super honored to be a part of her journey as a photographer! 
Here are a couple of my favorite pics. Check out her blog Chai Tea For The Worker Bee

I love them and will most likely be posting a couple more when I get the disk :) 
Make sure to check out her blog and follow it!