Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog!
My name is Atalie Simpson and I live in the tiny town of Moscow, Idaho.
(Yes that is a picture of me in front of the Oregon Film Museum aka The Goonies Jail!) 
I spend my days making crafts for my Etsy shop
and studying to finish my degree in business marketing.
I named my shop Riding Triumph because I actually thought of the idea
to start an Etsy shop during a bike ride break from making wedding decorations.
It is amazing how taking the time to enjoy life can inspire big things,
which is why I named my shop and blog after the one thing that still inspires me the most,
riding my vintage Triumph around my little town with my husband, enjoying life.
I cannot stop crafting, I love baking, & I always have music on in the background. 
I currently am obsessing over finding awesome music that no one knows about, trying out different cocktails with my husband, reading cooking magazines, and making home made ice cream! 
My husband and I graciously accept the grace and love of Jesus Christ, 
and are thankful for the amazingly fulfilling life we have together
because of what he has done for us as our Savior. 
Getting married was the best thing to ever happen to me.
Gus is my best friend and I love him and our marriage more every day.
You can view our wedding
on Ruffled Blog, Hi-Fi Weddings, and on Tonhya Wysong's photography blog
Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to check out my shop and stay in touch!