Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Goals Update!

It  feels  so  good  to  complete  goals. 
I  was  actually  pretty  proud   of  myself  for  buckling  down  and making  
some  pretty  things  for   my  house  as  well   as  baking  regularly!
I  will  be  posting  more  on  my  instagram  throughout  the  week,
so  click  on  the  cute  camera  to  the  left  to  follow  me! 


Here  is  a  great  new  song  from  Band  Of  Horses  new  album  Mirage  Rock
for  you  to  craft  to!  Also  be  sure  to  check  out  my  fall  playlist!  It's  a  great  one!
I  plan  on  re-arranging   all  the  decor  in  my  house  and  making  a  bunch  of  pretty  new  things! I found an amazing junkyard yesterday that sells tons of old vintage windows, doors, shutters, the works!
It was a crafters heaven, and I can't wait to make my apartment more of a home with all the lovely things there! Hope you enjoy the song and happy crafting!
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