Thursday, February 16, 2012

Saturday Nothing

When I was a sophomore in college, I had a few things happen that 
dramatically changed my entire view of God and life.
I felt there were very few things in my life that were stable and that I could count on.
One of those very few things, was a church I started going to with a few very good friends of mine.
I quickly fell in love with this church, called Resonate, at first due to the music (of course). 
Living in a small town going to a college that was known for being crazy, 
I naturally clung to anything that brought me to functional community and new friends.
One of those things was the weekly Bible study Resonate had, called Village.
When I didn't feel like going to church during my sophomore year,
(which was every Sunday) I went to village. 
My leaders were this couple who were dating at the time,
named Josh and Amy. Amy was pretty, nice, and well dressed.
Josh was the worship pastor, so obviously I already thought he was awesome
cause he sang on Sundays. 
I don't think I have ever had 2 people speak more truth into my life (besides my parents),
as much as Josh and Amy have. A year after I started going to village they got married. 
They are an amazing couple and amazing people.
To list every conversation, every talk over coffee, every laugh and every tear,
would take probably years.
So I will just describe to you some of the things that have made them awesome.
Josh has the wisdom of a 70 year old. It's kind of weird, but awesome.
His wisdom (along with that of his wife's)has changed my life. 
One time I was thinking about moving to Virginia and going to a giant Christian school.
I wanted to be a Rock Star, and I told Josh when I was on a spring break trip in Tijuana 
that I was moving. He sat me down and told me about his life. He told me I would never
have the same community, experiences, or growth in Jesus as I could have in little Pullman Washington, in Virginia.  He told me nothing would ever be the same again if I moved, 
and that I would find some reason to move back.  
He told me moving across the country wouldn't change the issues I had
 in my life and in my heart about school. He told me not to leave,
 just cause I was discontent with my life at the moment. I cried. 
I was kinda pissed, but I knew he was right, so I didn't move. 
Instead I kept going to their village, got really involved in the church,
met with Amy on a weekly basis, and decided that I would find joy in my trials. 
A year later still kinda disliking school, I met my husband. Imagined if moved. I might
have never met my husband. I would be completely different. 
That was just one conversation of many with him and his wife, that have changed me.
Josh was the officiant at my wedding, and his words changed my life at my wedding. 
I am happy to say that the words of Josh are about to change many many more peoples lives. 
More than he or anyone else probably ever imagined.
A few years ago at Village, Amy told me Josh was going to write a book.
He was going to title it this phrase he loved, "Saturday Nothing".
Amy told me to tell Josh that I was planning on starting a band called "Saturday Nothing," as a joke.
The prank was pretty funny to Amy and I, just cause of Josh's reaction.
I don't know if it was to Josh, cause you would think by looking 
at his face that I smashed his nicest guitar. 
I tell you that story because that's how intensely devoted Josh has been to writing his book.
His book and his idea behind his book is important to him, 
because it's his story (which is part of God's big story) he will be sharing. 
How often do we actually follow through with the BIG things God is calling us to do?
How often do we work our lives away, actually believing God is going to use us to change the world?
I admire Josh for a lot of reasons, but one of those reasons is because he is choosing to do 
the big things and the hard things God has called him to, and working as hard as he can
to make them actually happen. I rarely feel super certain about a lot of things
But when I first read parts of Josh's book about a year or two ago, I got this weird feeling.
It was one of the most certain feelings I have ever had. I had this feeling
that God was telling me as I read Josh's book that
this is what it looks like to follow and believe in Christ. 
I felt really confident that God was going to use Josh's story, to move other peoples
stories to glorify Jesus.
 So after helping start a church, writing a lot of songs,
releasing an album and an EP, and becoming an amazing lifestyle photographer,
 Josh has decided to release his book.
One slight problem is that Josh needs help publishing his book. 
Click here to read a part of his book and see if you like it. If you do, you should
donate to his book so he can publish it. 
I wouldn't post this on my blog if i didn't think it was the most awesome thing ever.
And I am pretty sure it is going to be the most awesome book ever.

~Much Love, At~