Friday, November 16, 2012

Which means it's meal planning time for me and winter is upon us on the Palouse! I am cooking for the in-laws this year here in Moscow, which should be great. Even though I have seriously loved this past fall season and don't really want it to end, my holiday parties are looming. I love party planning and hosting, and I love Christmas, so I figured two parties shouldn't be too bad. I have been making so many lists and drawings of what everything is going to look like. I am very excited to share some of my favorite Christmas DIY's, treats, music, and decor! Christmas is my favorite holiday, so naturally I get pretty excited. However, this fall has been so fun and beautiful that I wasn't too happy to walk into Starbucks and see red cups the first of November. I love celebrating the seasons, not too early though! The day after thanksgiving is usually when my family has gotten all of our decor out and started celebrating, which (hopefully) will be a tradition that lives on! I am very excited to make a Thanksgiving meal. I think I might be more excited to try the maple ice cream than the turkey recipe I picked out! What are your favorite things to make for thanksgiving? 
Hope you are enjoying the new winter season!