Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lately I have not been myself. 
I have been working on a lot of things mentally and emotionally;
Like being a more positive person inwardly, using my time with purpose, and patience.
None of these things come easily to me, and it's been hard to find encouragement. 
Of course encouragement has come through friends & family, the Bible, and my husband.
Tonight it came through a song, in a very odd way. Mumford & Sons recently came out with their new album, Babel.It has been on repeat most days, but today I was focusing on the lyrics.
I was listening to the song Hopeless Wanderer, thinking about how the words relate to my life.
I haven't really felt like I have had much purpose lately. Plans that I thought were set in stone
 have been changing so suddenly that I don't feel like I can really plan for anything, or share 
anything to anyone about my life. Basically, I have felt like a hopeless wanderer. 
 This feeling however, is not what is true about me. 
I might not have an amazing opportunity right in front of me, a set in stone 5 year plan, or
even a daily schedule I can rely on to be consistent; but there are some things that are certain.
I have an amazing marriage that gives me so much faith in the grace of the Lord I can't 
even explain how I feel about it. Even though I still feel like I am in the shallow end,I have been getting involved withmy super amazing new church, which has been a blessing.
My new job has given me more new friends and the best work environment I have had in 
a very long time. The Lord is answering prayers for more friendships.
He also continues to provide for my husband and I, most of the time beyond what we even hope for. 
I have been writing down 10 things I am thankful for every day since August, 
and have had 10 or more each day, no matter what has been going on.
This is not the life of a hopeless wanderer. 
Thanks for letting me share and for reading! 
Enjoy the music of my favorites. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Crafting Adventures Part 2

Lately I have been trying to get as many projects as I can get done around the house 
before thanksgiving. Some of the projects I have been doing this past week 
are fall themed, and are not. I noticed yesterday as I  
finished up a couple I have had on my list for months, how motivating it is
to do something you see on pinterest or a blog, and have it turn out perfectly! 
Some people don't really like pinterest, but I love it because it motivates me
to brainstorm as much as I can, and look beyond a simple DIY blog post and see
how I can make something my own creation. I hope some of these projects motivate
you to make something awesome for your place! If you have a pinterest to-do
board I would love to see it, so leave a comment below with a link to your board! 
No-Sew Pillow Case Success!
"The Autumn Leaves" In French Painting 
Fake Fall Pumpkin Decorating 
Mr. & Mrs. Mugs 
"EAT" letters for Kitchen Wall
Simple Glitter Leaf & Acorn Wreath
"My Heart Belongs To" Paintings for Turkey & Africa
Mumford & Sons "Lover of the Light" Lyric Art

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Wish List

 1 // 2// 3 // 4 // 5 // 6
Lately I have been obsessing over everything camel, chambray, and a piece of jewelry that matches my wedding ring. I also really want to learn from Lauren how she does her make up. I mean, she seems to never have a flaw on her face, no matter where, when, or who is photographing her. She also might be one of my favorite hollywood celebrities.  I haven't bought a new purse in 3 years, and this Deanna & Ozzy bag is a fantastic shade of brown. I went to Macy's recently and while walking down their perfume isle, got a whiff of Twirl by Kate Spade. I'm pretty sure it's the best perfume of any clothing designer out there right now. I also have never actually owned a bottle of designer perfume, and I would like to change that. 
Anything you are dying to change about your fall wardrobe?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Style Inspiration

Fall Style Inspiration 

1.  Modern Vintage vintage lace top  2. Ruffle skirt 3. Steve Madden winged shoes 4. Knapsack bag 5. Kate Spade black watch 6. Madewell oversized eyeglass

I wish I could purchase everything I posted right now. I am in love with all of this, and I firmly believe in posting only what I would wear every day (if I could). This post includes looks from Ruche, Madewell, Nasty Gal, Kate Spade, and the good ol' Steve Madden. Why yes I do have my favorite stores and designers, and I am not afraid to show it. I absolutely love certain styles, and I am always trying to update and change certain styles to fit my personality. I feel like the preppy school girl is always changing depending on the latest trends.  Oversized glasses, classy leather backpacks and peter pan collars are some of the hottest trends right now. I chose a knee length high wasted skirt because it gives you the option of adding high socks. Also I know for a fact that girls in private schools do not wear ridiculously short plaid skirts, and I felt the knee length not only was true to style but also more flattering for those of us blessed with curves. Tucking the top in and adding a chunky sweater is always an option, or if its a warm fall day you could just tuck the top in and call it good. Even though I love an edgy look, I regularly find myself going back to preppy looks like these, especially when it comes to choosing glasses and shoes. Overall I feel this look embraces fall, which has been turning out to be quite wonderful, don't you think?

This has been an incredibly busy month, but last week was a complete blur of last minuteness! 
Last wednesday I got to hang out and catch up with a dear friend of mine and make some amazing
Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars! Believe it or not, we got the recipe from the basic and still fantastic 
Better Homes and Gardens recipe book. I went online to try to find it and share it with you, but while I was looking around the BHG website I found some Amazing Fall Recipes that I am dying to try out! 

The question is, do you love pumpkin as much as me?