Monday, April 23, 2012

New Tunes + Update in Photos

Please excuse the lack of posting! We are finally all moved into our new place which is very exciting! 
It is so much more of a home than our previous place is, and we love living there already.
I have had an amazing time decorating and planning what to do in rooms! 
I am excited to show you some of it soon! Here is a sneak peak of what has been going on lately! 
I decided on mint, white, and mustard for the accent colors of our new place. 
After I painted a few frames, I got nervous because it began to look like decorations for a baby room.
Luckily, the previous tennants of our new place painted the walls an amazing shade of brown. Although I am more of a grey person, I am loving how it all looks! It is perfect to me. 
I painted. I am very proud. This is the song we took communion to at our wedding. It took me a while to paint it, but I love how it turned out. I am also embroidering. I am excited. 
We celebrated 7 months together. How perfect is this card? 
My husband is a hottie. Yes, that is my initial on his ring finger. 
While he was gone and I was cleaning and organizing and hanging with friends,
i enjoyed these two tunes a ton. They helped cure my lonliness, and made cleaning way more fun. Hope you enjoy these tunes too! 
M.Ward came out with a new album during the past few weeks. I am in love with this song.
Sucre, a band that I found out via Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess, (her husband is in the band and she is Stacy King's stylist), is my new favorite. This song haunts me. I can't help but be in love!
Hope you are enjoying the birth of spring. It is finally above 50 degrees in little Moscow, and sunny for more than an hour. The fear of random snow fall is gone, FINALLY! 
Hope you get to enjoy the sun! 
Much Love, At

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tunes of The Week + Update

Please excuse my lack of posting this past week! We are moving (YAY!) and packing, school, work, and the shop take up all of my time! I can't wait to start taking pictures of all of the things I am making  and doing in the new place! I am probably the most excited about our deck out back. We are hosting an Open House soon, which of course I will be posting pictures of! Hope your Easter was amazing, and that you get to enjoy a little bit of sun during this emerging spring time. The past two days have been beautiful for the most part, which is a great change from the snow. Oh how I can't wait for summer.
This band has been getting me through this week of packing.
Enjoy and be blessed! 

Ho Hey ~ The Lumineers 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Moving means lots of DIY projects in store!

We are getting our keys to our new pad TOMORROW! Words cannot describe how excited we are!
We are a little sad to be leaving, but very excited to make our new place a home.
I have so many things that I want to create for the new place and so many ideas in my head! I am getting so impatient and so excited. I have already started packing, even though we won't be completely moved until the third weekend of April. I want to get started as soon as possible.  We are going to have an open house party there the first weekend of May, which of course I will be posting pictures of! One of my goals this spring is to take lots of pictures, especially of the things I create for our pad and fun little crafts I will be doing!  I have been pinning a ton of plans for our new place on my pinterest. 
Here are a few of my favorite things! 
SO cheap and so cute! 
I am absolutely in LOVE with this frame wall behind the couch. 
I plan on making this happen, grey walls and all! 

 As soon as my parents get here to help us move, I am putting them to WORK and we are fixing
up Gus and I's coffee table which is in extreme need of a makeover! This tutorial for a lace top coffee table by A Beautiful Mess is one of my favorite DIY projects I have ever seen on a blog! Can't wait to do it! 
I love how even though this kitchen is tiny, the plates on the wall make it so cute!!
Our new kitchen is (praise the Lord) not super tiny (anymore), so i plan on filling up the wall space above the door to the laundry room with some vintage plates in cute colors
My favorite blogger, Kinsey of Sincerely Kinsey, featured this on her blog a long time ago.
I didn't feel like I could make it for our current place, because it was too "cozy" to call a nest or home.
I plan on make two of these, one that says "bless this nest", and one that says "rental sweet rental"!
Plain cork coasters have never looked this cute. I plan on making many for our Open House in May! 
These are just a few of the many projects I have in my head! 
I will make sure to share the projects when they are completed.
Can't Wait!!!
Happy Crafting!