Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Style Inspiration: Boho Chic

Fall Style Inspiration: Boho Chic
      1.  Deep v dress  2. Boots 3. Madewell feather jewelry 4. Hat
So I  must  admit,  my  favorite  trend  of  the  season  has  to  be the  bohemian/hippie
 vibe  that  has  been  taking  over  the  fashion  world.
As  soon  as  I  saw  this  dress  I  fell  in  love, because  of the  long sleeves (can  be  worn
through  fall and  winter)  and the  flattering  cut.
As  soon  as  I  got  bangs  I  realized  I  could  pull  off  hats!
 This  hat  from  Madewell, along  with  this  adorable  feather  necklace  really
 pull  together  the look.  These  boots  are  my  dream  boot  for  the season,
 curtesy of  Ruche.  I  will  definitely  be  sporting  the  boho  look
  the most this fall. 
What  has  been  your  favorite  style  lately? 

Fall Goals Update!

It  feels  so  good  to  complete  goals. 
I  was  actually  pretty  proud   of  myself  for  buckling  down  and making  
some  pretty  things  for   my  house  as  well   as  baking  regularly!
I  will  be  posting  more  on  my  instagram  throughout  the  week,
so  click  on  the  cute  camera  to  the  left  to  follow  me! 


Here  is  a  great  new  song  from  Band  Of  Horses  new  album  Mirage  Rock
for  you  to  craft  to!  Also  be  sure  to  check  out  my  fall  playlist!  It's  a  great  one!
I  plan  on  re-arranging   all  the  decor  in  my  house  and  making  a  bunch  of  pretty  new  things! I found an amazing junkyard yesterday that sells tons of old vintage windows, doors, shutters, the works!
It was a crafters heaven, and I can't wait to make my apartment more of a home with all the lovely things there! Hope you enjoy the song and happy crafting!
xo @ 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall Recipe of The Week!

 The  first   holiday   I   spent   with   my   husbands   family  was  Thanksgiving. 
His  mom  is  an  amazing  cook,  and  I  personally   have  loved  everything  she  has  made and  every  recipe  she  has  shared.  At   thanksgiving   she  pulled  a  ziploc  bag  of these  cookies  out,  and  Gus  and  I  devoured  them. They  were  so  good  and  so   addicting.  I  am  so  excited  to  share  this recipe  with  you  because  it  is  definitely  a  fall  and  winter  favorite!


1  cup  sugar
1/2  cup  cooking  oil
1  egg
2  cups  self-rising  flour
1  teaspoon  cinnamon
1  cup  pumpkin
1/4  teaspoon  baking  soda  dissolved  into  1  teaspoon  milk
1 1/2  cups  semi-sweet  chocolate  chips
2  teaspoons  vanilla 
Trader   Joes   Coffee   Chocolate   Sugar   Grinder

Preheat  oven  to  350.  Mix  all  the  ingredients  together  well, 
and  spoon  the  dough  onto   greased  cookie  sheet. 
Use  the   grinder  on  top  of  the  cookies  before  putting  them   in  the  oven.
Bake  10-12  minutes.  Let  cool  on  sheet  for  2  minutes  then  on  rack  for   5. 
Makes  3  dozen. 

These   cookies   are   pretty   sweet   and  delicious,  so  they  taste  best 
with  a  cup  of  coffee,  books,  and  a  blanket. 
Hope  you  are  enjoying  your  fall  and  that  these  cookies  help  you  to  even  more! 
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Trend Tuesday : Gold Leaf DIY Projects

I  love  gold  glitter,  gold  doilies,  gold  paint,  gold  home  decor,  gold  everything.
Lately,  I  have  been   seeing   loads   of   gold  leaf   DIY   projects,   which   naturally
make   me   extremely   excited.   I   can't   help   but   think   of   the   possibilities.
I   am   thinking  of   trying  out  a  few   gold   leaf   projects  and  I   will   be   sure  to  blog   them! 
Here  are   some   of   my   favorite   projects   I   have   seen.   Enjoy! 

DIY   Gold   Leaf   Paper   Mache   bowls   via Kelli Murray's Blog
Seems   like   an  intense   project   but   the   end  result   looks  amazing.
Can't   wait   to   try   this   one   out! 

DIY   Gold   Leaf   Notebooks   via Eat Sleep Cuddle 

Perfect   for   back   to   school!

Gold   Leaf   Map   via Ugly Duckling House
Definitely  thinking   of   making   one   of   these   for   a   friend   for  Christmas! 

Adorable DIY Gold Leaf Coasters via Style Me Pretty! 
I  feel  like  I  can't   have  enough  coasters. 
These  would  be  so  cute  for  the  fall  and  winter! 

DIY  Gold  Leaf  Confetti  Bowls  via   Vitamini Handmade 
Don't  these  remind   you  of   the   gold   confetti   Kate  Spade   china   collection?
So   cute! 

DIY   Gold   Leaf   Letter   via   The Knotty Bride 

Wouldn't   it   be   cute   to   spell   out   "hello fall"   in gold  leafed   lowercase   letters   from   JoAnn? 

DIY   Gold   Leaf   Pumpkins   via   Ladies Home Journal 

Wouldn't   it   look   so   cute  on   fake  black   pumpkins   from   Michaels? 

Have   you   ever   crafted   with   gold   leaf?   What   are   your   experiences? 
Have   any   do-and-don'ts  with   gold   leaf   you   want   to   share?

Music Monday!

Picture taken by me on my iPhone of the Palouse 

1. I  Will  Wait -  Mumford & Sons
2. Live  and  Die  - The Avett Brothers
3.  Flowers   in  Your  Hair  - The Lumineers
4.  Six   Weeks  - Of Monsters and Men 
5. Fire  at   the   Pageant  - The Felice Brothers
6. Undiscovered   First   - Feist
7.  Myth   - Beach House
8.  Child   - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
9. Know-How   - Kings of Convenience 
10. Chinese   Translation - M.   Ward 
11. Everything's   Going   to   Be   Undone   - Band of Horses 
12. My   Fathers   Father - The   Civil   Wars
13. To   a   Poet   - First Aid Kit 
14. Helplessness   Blues - Fleet   Foxes
15. All  The  Trees  Of  The  Field  Will  Clap  Their  Hands  - Sufjan   Stevens
16. The  Boxer - Mumford & Sons
17. Boston   in  November   - John Craigie 

Thanks to my dear friend Bart for suggesting the last song. I'm obsessed with it! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Goal List

Picture taken by me at Michaels in Moscow, Idaho from my iPhone.

Being my favorite season of the year, I always feel like in order to really enjoy everything
it involves, I must make a fall goal list! Here are some of the things I plan on doing 
till thanksgiving. What are some of the things you love doing to enjoy the fall? 

1.  Bake a unique fall recipe each week till Thanksgiving.
2. Create lots of fall decor for the house.
3. Make maple, pumpkin five spice, and chai ice cream.
4. Decorate pumpkins for our porch. 
5. Experiment with creating homemade potpourri.
6. Complete 2 embroidery projects a week.
7. Make a fall wreath for the front door.
8. Have a fall themed anniversary photo shoot with my husband.
9. Create a fall themed project a week.
10. Cook a new soup each week till Thanksgiving. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pinspiration: Hello Fall!

I have some serious fall plans for our house. I have to wait another week to start decorating because it's not really fall here. It's been incredibly smoky due to wild fires, but I know summer is ending.
I have started planning on decor for my house via my Autumn Pinterest Board!
I will make sure to post pictures of what I do end up making and the fall decor
around my house. There is a staircase leading to our place and I can't wait to
load it with fake and real pumpkins painted all sorts of different ways. 
There are so many different ways people are decorating pumpkins
 on pinterest that its overwhelming. However it is also very inspiring! 
Fall on the Palouse is the most gorgeous time of year. 
I can't wait to celebrate it and enjoy it. 

All of these pictures can be found on my Autumn Pinterest board with DIRECT links to their sources. 
I do not take ANY credit for the pictures posted. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Style Inspiration: Menswear

Fall Style Inspiration: Menswear

I absolutely love fall. To be honest my favorite thing about fall is the clothes. 
This fall I intend on sharing my favorite fall trends, styles, and looks
. Today I want to share my love for menswear inspired womens fashion.
 Ruche sells these gorgeous menswear inspired slacks in this mustard color 
which I haven't been able to find many other places.
 I believe is perfect for fall and goes so well with a rich fall color pallet. 
I know this may sound strange but the reason I love this style of pant so much
 is because my grandmother had killer style,
 and used to wear slacks like those pictured above.
 I am sure you are thinking "Why would anyone want to be known for dressing 
like their grandmother?" Well, I am sure if your grandmother's style icon
 was Audrey Hepburn, you would want to dress like her too. 
I would regularly see my grandmother in menswear inspired slacks, 
wool pea coats, oxfords, and she is to this day always flashing 
a fabulous watch. Pictured above is my favorite chunky watch ever 
by Kate Spade, and when paired with some beautiful oxfords from Madewell, 
really completes the overall look. Oxfords are my go-to shoe for the fall, 
as is this gorgeous hunter green color seen in the button down from Ruche! 
I am really loving the menswear inspired looks from stores 
like JCrew, Madewell, and Zara's fall lines. 
When put together well with the right accessories, 
menswear can look extremely feminine and classic. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Life According to My iPhone Pictures: Anniversary Trip Edition

It's amazing how getting away for a couple days changes how you feel about life. 
I don't know what it is, but the ocean is such a healing, restorative place for me.
I instantly de-stress when I hear the sound of the waves. 
I love how the sand feels between my toes.
And I love, love, love, ocean life. 
I also love Gus, and loved the wonderful getaway he arranged for us. Celebrating our first anniversary was quite wonderful. From the beer tour of the Oregon beaches, to the sunrise bike ride, to getting matching anchor tattoos on our anniversary; it was probably the best weekend we have ever had together.  I think the most meaningful thing we did together was get matching tattoos.
 It may seem a bit cliche to get an anchor tattoo, but it means so much to me. 
When i look at it, I can't help but think the only thing that got me through this crazy whirlwind of a year was being anchored in Christ's unconditional love, and the growing friendship with Gus that comes from rooting our relationship together, in Him. All in all, our mini annivesary vacation was amazing. It's insane how much growth can happen in a year, and how fast a year can go by. I wish we could have spent more time on vacation, but I loved the weekend we had. I loved thinking about our day and talking about it. It was kind of a whirl wind but all in all a beautiful day. Who knew celebrating a day would be so special and fun. I can't wait to go back to the oregon coast. I really hope we go at least once a year if not more. Can't wait to celebrate more anniversaries with Gus. This year went by
so fast! I can't imagine how wonderful the next years will be. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

One Year

Exactly 1 year ago from the 17th I tied the knot with my husband! I am so surprised how fast it went and how much growth happens in just a year. I am so grossly in love, its amazing to think we have 
so many years ahead of us and so many wonderful adventures in store. 
I posted the acoustic version of this beautiful song because our entire bridal party walked down the isle to it! Every time I hear the song I relive the day. How I wish I could do it all over again! 
We will be going to the Oregon Coast and I am oh so excited.
Style and fall post coming up! XO

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tune of the Week

Sorry I didn't post Monday - it was stay in and enjoy being married day! It was sure great.
Hope your shortened week is going wonderfully. 
Took me a while to warm up to this band, because I feel like there are tons of bands
like this coming into the spotlight thanks to folk music getting more and more popular.
This song from their very popular album is my jam for sure.