Thursday, January 26, 2012

PInsperation - Home

A combination of Anthropologie, my husband, and Pinterest have completely 
changed my taste from French Vintage to a more eclectic, modern side of interior design.
I am now planning a vintage record wall, print wall complete with Last initial and antlers.
I have also seen the beauty of hard wood floors and white walls,
and adding color in furniture and wall hangings. 
Here are some of my favorite rooms, prints, and room decor that I have found
on pinterest that have given me serious inspiration for my future home! 


jillian nicole said...

Yes, yes, and yes!!! Love pretty much everything on here! Rental, Sweet, Rental; that amazing yellow couch; and that chevron rug! All so amazing! Such a fun blog!:)

Atalie said...

Thank you so much Jillian! I really appreciate your feedback and so glad you liked the post!

Mrs Ericson said...

Can I just say you've found your true calling:) I love your pinterest account! What are you up to these days? Please tell me you're no longer working at a "minimum-wage-no-room-for-creativity-corporate-run-type-place?" Can you guess what I'm referring to? Anyways...just wanted to say sorry if I ever was mean at the cafe and I'm super stoked to see you enjoying feathering your nest and being a wife and all that...


Atalie said...

Brittany oh my goodness thanks for reading my blog! I don't ever remember you being mean haha you were like one of my favorite people to work with! And even if you were mean - you were excused cause you were pregnant with twins haha! Haha I am kind of working at a store in the mall till I finish school. HOPEFULLY I will be moving to Portland area and working at a place like Anthropologie or some awesome place like that!! Hope you are doing well as a mama :)

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