Thursday, March 29, 2012

I am just loving mini books, art journals, and scrapbooks of all sorts!

I have recently become obsessed with the trend of making journals and scrapbooks with as many materials as possible. Sometimes they turn into memory books, sometimes into art journals,
 and sometimes into super fun notebooks.
 I also love that they include tons of washi tape, pictures, and super cute scrapbook paper. 
My friend Amanda, from the LaPlante House blog , reintroduced crafting to me as a means of rejuvenation when we went to college together. Her eye for detail and perfection always makes for gorgeous results. Here are some of my favorite pages from her September and October mini books. 
Yep that's my wedding invitation and save the date! 
Loving the herringbone paper and use of twine,
as well as her handwriting! Gorgeous, right?
These pages kill me. The confetti, the tape, her handwriting...*sigh* love it all. 
I can't wait to see her mini book after an entire year! 
Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess Blog has been posting a lot about crafting journals, scrapbooks and notebooks on her blog lately. I am in love with all of her ideas (as usual) and plan to make some of these myself! 
This is how Elsie created an art journal! She took an old hard cover journal and ripped out the pages she wanted,painted the outside and glued a picture to the front, then got crazy with all sorts of fun supplies!  I think I love this project because it involves a ridiculous amount of so many fun things. 
Fun tape, fun paper, fun stickers, fun everything! She even has a class where she gives tutorials on making a year long art journal! I am hoping to take it as a 25th birthday present! 
Elsie also created a highlights journal for her and her husband! Being a newlywed wife myself I understand the strong desire to make and record as many memories as possible. I love how she created this, and I plan on making one myself during the summer. 

Finally, Elsie posted a tutorial by Kinsey of Sincerely Kinsey on making mini notebooks, which I am absolutely in love with. I am already in love with fashion magazines such as Vogue and Nylon, and the idea of turning my favorite pictures and pages into notebook covers blows my mind. Of course, the use of lots of washi tape in this craft also gets me excited. I plan on making as many of these as possible in the near future (I will make sure to share them with you)! I think making a set of 12, 1 for each month of the year, would be an excellent birthday gift for a friend! 
Happy Crafting!
Much Love,

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