Thursday, March 15, 2012

Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Bars

My best friend and I got married a month and a few days apart.
So naturally that means dinner parties are in order.
This past Monday it was Gus and I's turn to host.
I am a huge baker, so while planning dessert I decided I wanted to use a pinterest recipe I recently used for a game night with our bible study. These salted caramel chocolate chip bars for desert were a huge hit with my friends who have a sweet tooth! I would show you a picture of what they look like made by me, but I don't want to make them again for fear of devouring the whole pan with Gus. 
When I made the salted caramel chocolate chip bars, I doubled the vanilla 
and put a whole bag of milk chocolate chips in. I sprinkled sea salt only
on the salted part of the cookie bar, which gives it an extra kick, I think. 
I am hoping to post two desserts and two entrees a month, since being a wife 
(as well feeling obligated to use my Kitchen Aid Mixer and food processor more)
has really made my desire to cook and bake more kick in. It also helps to have
a super cute apron from anthropologie to wear while I bake. 
So I suggest next time you feel like baking something sweet to bake these!
Don't forget to follow my cooking and baking boards on pinterest! 
Happy Baking!

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