Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A few of my favorite things lately

I just got home this past Saturday from co-leading a girls middle school group at my churches youth camp! It was very very fun and I have been recuperating day by day.
While recuperating I have noticed a few of my favorite things around lately! 
 My husband got me this destination necklace from Urban Outfitters as a gift for our one month of dating! He wrote me my first love letter ever and said the necklace was a promise to take me to Paris one day. I know, I know! It was a pretty fast move for someone who just started dating, but now that we are married it is a daily reminder of how much he loves me. 
Finally got my favorite painting ever by The Black Apple! It is hanging above my work space in our office area. I am kind of obsessed with it.
I FINALLY got the Design*Sponge at Home book as a gift and I am so so excited about it! It has amazing ideas, most of which I have already seen on Pinterest. However the massive range of DIY's in the back of the book are amazing and the ideas on how to make a house a home are endless. Even my husband thinks this book is cool! It's definitely a winner for us! 
Peaches are my absolute favorite fruit! So happy I finally get to enjoy them! 
I finally got my initial mug from Anthropologie and have been using it all around the house for a variety of things. Also love having my new last initial on my planner by Much Ado About You
I have been listening to Sucre on Repeat. Loving the song Troubled Waters!
They were also featured in this months issue of Relevant Magazine, which was awesome to see! I am pretty sure  it is my album of the summer.
What is your album of the summer? 
I made some of Elsie Larson's Mini Notebooks a while back and I have been filling them up ever since! It is probably one of my favorite things to make, since I can't go out and buy a gazillion notebooks to fill with lists and ideas all the time.
Don't we all just love notebooks? 
I have recently and FINALLY experienced a rush of creative inspiration. I think all I needed was a week not focused on myself, but on others. Isn't it amazing how much serving people does for our hearts and minds? 
I think I am going to start doing one thing a week to really help someone or brighten their day, just as a reminder that this life is wasted if all I do is for myself. 
What causes you to be inspired? 

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