Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Iphoneography: life update

It has been an absolutely insane past few weeks. Nothing but crafting, working, school, and catching up with people! It has been nuts in a good way, and I am sad to see it over.I am excited for is my blog makeover that is coming soon, an office makeover, my first set of outfit posts, lots of playlists for summer, and some up and coming DIY projects! I am also finally prepped and ready to start my blog series on being a newlywed. Before I got married I felt like there were so many people not sharing enough about marriage and what it is really like. I was recently encouraged to start discussing more about my life as a newlywed (and if you are getting married) and all the things I have the blessing to learn and grow in. It is amazing how much love changes lives! 

I am also really excited about my friend Alaina's lifestyle blog Bows and Tails, where she is sharing her journey becoming a mommy! She has great style and I am excited to see her posts, DIY projects for her new place, and the development of her nursery! It is really cute so make sure you check it out, especially if you are a new mommy!

Be sure to stop by often! As June starts to end I will be come less busy (which means more time to blog) and also have huge changes still in the works! You will see my advertisements popping up in lots of places, a blog face lift, special series on beginner gardening and sewing, outfit posts and new products in the shop! It is going to be an exciting summer! Very very excited!

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excited to see your office makeover!

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