Thursday, August 30, 2012

Favorite-Book of the Month-Cupcakes and Cashmere

One of my favorite bloggers, Emily Schumann, came out with her book in August! I got my hands on it before a trip and am so excited about it. I honestly didn't know what to expect, seeing as it's a bloggers book of collected blog posts. I loved what I saw and read when I opened it! The book is divided into seasons. Each season has some of her favorite posts/articles on party planning, beauty, holidays, home decor, and organization. 
I love that each season of the book has a list of makeup to splurge on and to save money on. Emily Schumann is a makeup genius, and I love being able to know from an expert what is worth the money and what isn't. It is also nice to have visual lists of season appropriate makeup. 

Emily has an amazing wardrobe and style skills that I have always been envious of. 
When I saw that she has a list of seasonal clothing to have at the beginning of each season and a list of all the staple items to have in a well built closet, I may have done my happy dance. I am one of those girls who is a compulsive shopper and just buys whatever is cute and in style. To be able to have a list of pieces to build timeless and seasonal outfits with that never go out of style is pretty good for my budget. Wardrobe Building Blocks for me is what made this book one of my absolute favorite things. 

This chart is probably the biggest money saver to ever be in my life.
I love Emily's photography and her eye for decor. 
I love the parts of her book where she shoes how she organizes and decorates
her home. She discusses her collections and how to collect things well in a way
that adds beauty to your home, not clutter. I feel like I need help in that area,
especially since it saves space and money in the long run. 

Overall I love the book and I feel its definitely worth the purchase. Some cool looking books like this aren't all that they seem, and aren't always as helpful but are just pretty. I also love Emily's writing style and her taste. I feel that she is all about staying classic and true to self through the trends and seasons, and I love how much this book shows that. 

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I just ordered this book!! Can't wait for it to get here. :)

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