Monday, September 24, 2012

Trend Tuesday : Gold Leaf DIY Projects

I  love  gold  glitter,  gold  doilies,  gold  paint,  gold  home  decor,  gold  everything.
Lately,  I  have  been   seeing   loads   of   gold  leaf   DIY   projects,   which   naturally
make   me   extremely   excited.   I   can't   help   but   think   of   the   possibilities.
I   am   thinking  of   trying  out  a  few   gold   leaf   projects  and  I   will   be   sure  to  blog   them! 
Here  are   some   of   my   favorite   projects   I   have   seen.   Enjoy! 

DIY   Gold   Leaf   Paper   Mache   bowls   via Kelli Murray's Blog
Seems   like   an  intense   project   but   the   end  result   looks  amazing.
Can't   wait   to   try   this   one   out! 

DIY   Gold   Leaf   Notebooks   via Eat Sleep Cuddle 

Perfect   for   back   to   school!

Gold   Leaf   Map   via Ugly Duckling House
Definitely  thinking   of   making   one   of   these   for   a   friend   for  Christmas! 

Adorable DIY Gold Leaf Coasters via Style Me Pretty! 
I  feel  like  I  can't   have  enough  coasters. 
These  would  be  so  cute  for  the  fall  and  winter! 

DIY  Gold  Leaf  Confetti  Bowls  via   Vitamini Handmade 
Don't  these  remind   you  of   the   gold   confetti   Kate  Spade   china   collection?
So   cute! 

DIY   Gold   Leaf   Letter   via   The Knotty Bride 

Wouldn't   it   be   cute   to   spell   out   "hello fall"   in gold  leafed   lowercase   letters   from   JoAnn? 

DIY   Gold   Leaf   Pumpkins   via   Ladies Home Journal 

Wouldn't   it   look   so   cute  on   fake  black   pumpkins   from   Michaels? 

Have   you   ever   crafted   with   gold   leaf?   What   are   your   experiences? 
Have   any   do-and-don'ts  with   gold   leaf   you   want   to   share?

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OMG!! Love the gold leaf map diy!!

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