Monday, February 18, 2013

Something Good for Something Better

I absolutely LOVE Easter.
I grew up in the church, and Easter never fully "hit" me till my sophomore year in college, when I started going to Resonate and we did a big Lent devotional, fasted the weekend of Easter, and had a Good Friday "experience". 
It wrecked me forever (in a good way). 
I wasn't really thinking about giving up anything for Lent, until my good friend Amy reminded me what it was all about.
Giving up something good, for something better. 
Lately inspiration has been coming a bit slower than a desire to be either someone I am not, or somewhere in life I have not yet reached. I don't know at what point I let comparison steal all my inspiration and replace it with resentment, but it has happened, and something must be done.
I was thinking about everything that I say inspires me. 
Really really GOOD photography
Cool graphic design
A really good album/record
Awesome makeup
Fashion magazines 
Fashion designers
Runway shows 
A great outfit 
Cool nails
A beautiful wedding 
Unexpected pops of color
I realized as I wrote this list out in my head, that the Lord wasn't on the list. Sure, some people are inspired to do the things on the list because of the Lord. He doesn't set up parties, plan weddings, design graphics, come up with great crafts, or have an antique store. He did however set up the party known as life, orchestrate the greatest love story (And soon to be wedding) ever told, design the beautiful graphics known as gifts and talents given to everyone on the planet, and come up with some fantastic ways to enjoy the life He has given us. It made me really sad to admit that I have never actually been inspired by "God" Himself. I think taking a break from the worldly inspirations around me daily might help a bit with that. Till then, here are some really amazing "new" tunes that have been affecting me. 
This band regardless of the weird name, made my jaw drop. I don't know how I never thought of taking my violin to this level, but the idea of an electric viola somehow being manipulated by a laptop was a really good idea. Oh and replacing a guitar with a banjo was also a really good idea. 
Something about this song, just makes me think about those angels with all the eyes and wings that are described in Revelations that are super creepy but mighty and amazing at the same time. 

Have you let your inspirations go to the wayside because you wished you had someone else's? 

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you're blogging again! I just want to let you know I've always been so amazed with what you've created and sold on your etsy shop. I'm pretty sure that I've thought on multiple occasions that I need you to be my best friend so that you could make all that you create for my big day. But, I totally understand how one's passion and love can turn into a competition against others creations. It's happened with my photography and I just have to remember that what I do is a gift that only God could have given me and the doors that have been opened since have only been opened with God. I hope that you find that rekindled flame inside you and are filled with more inspiration and inspiration more fierce than you ever have before because this time you're passion for creation comes from THE Creator.
Love you, girl!

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