Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Hidden Gem

Hello! Hope you are staying warm this January!
Moscow Idaho has been experiencing a severe weather storm.
I have not seen snow like this since my sophomore year of college!
If you are stuck inside like me, I am sure you have been on your computer a ton.
This past year while searching for bridesmaid dresses for my wedding I stumbled upon
a wonderful clothing website called Ruche.
Not only are the clothes very affordable (compared to other stores pricing these days),
but they are absolutely lovely and gorgeous! They have a wide variety of products
ranging from clothing to home decor, and most of it seems to be inspired by the lovely
Anthropologie. I am going through in the slow and tedious process of redoing my entire wardrobe, 
 from college student to adult status. It is somewhat difficult parting with clothes that have 
memories attached, but fun because my taste is changing. I wanted to share with you some of my 
favorite pieces from ruche, as well as a link to their article on redoing your wardrobe,
which you can read here. I found it very helpful and inspiring! A few of the products I love
from ruche are my favorites because they are timeless pieces. In fact, they are so timeless they 
remind me of styles my grandmother used to wear. I was just recently joking with my husband
yesterday about saving all our clothes for our children in 20 years, so that they will see us as 
trendy, haha! 
The first item I am trying to add to my closet is the blouse .
classic design, but one that can shift from your work day to causal wear 
very easily. I would wear it with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans and wedges. 

I love the Camilla Pleated Dress, not only because it reminds of the dress Zooey Deschanel wears in Red
on the tv show New Girl, but also because dresses that hit at the natural waist line are so flattering. 
 I would wear this dress with over the knee socks and oxfords. 
I am in love with the skinny corduroy, and am hoping to add a pair to my closet soon.
These dark grey ones would go well with a blouse (like the one above)and oxfords or heels for sure.
I recently got a hair cut, and with that came bangs. I realized while shopping one day with a friend
that having bangs means I can pull off almost any hat. I haven't had bangs since I was 10, so this 
was a huge revelation for me. The hat is an accessory that I am hoping to add to my closet
from now on, so the Ashton Feather Fedora naturally caught my eye.
Don't know if hats are your thing, or just never really tried any on?
Go to Forever 21 or Target, walk to their accessories section, and try on a few. 
You might be surprised at what styles of hats you can pull off!
These are just a few of the items that are classic in design, but work with so many different 
items in your closet.  I hope you check out this store and enjoy it as much as I do! Make sure to 
check out their home and office section, as well as their tips on styling you sparkly holiday items 
for every day!
Much Love, At

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