Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wedding Details

Recently my husband and I's wedding was featured on Ruffled Blog, which was not only an awesome experience for us, but a huge deal for our photographer Tonhya Kae! It was incredibly odd to see my husband and I's faces on Pinterest, but it is always cool to know that people look at your work as inspiring to their lives. Here are a few of my favorite details from our wedding, and what went into putting them together! 

The day before we went to the camp to set up. It was a little stressful, but
that stress was mostly due to pent up anxiousness about it all coming together,
and utter exhaustion from staying up very late every night that week.
The first thing I knew I wanted to do was use a canoe to put all of our gifts in!
I also wanted to use the piano that I played as child coming to camp
for our Time Capsule display. 
The We Do banner was made with music paper from the piano music to Moon River,
and the page in the center of the banner is from the second verse! 
The lace table cloth was my grandmothers. A chalkboard told people 
what the time capsules were all about, and I provided note cards for people
to write on. I haven't looked at any yet, but I am so excited to read them!
We used my parents buffet table for the candy bar, which was a huge hit!
I loved the little book shelves above everything because it made it easy to decorate the area.
My cake and cupcakes were not only the best I have ever had, but had gorgeous design.
I made a YUM sign for the table, which was perfect because thats the only word I heard 
coming from people on that side of the room!

My dad let me borrow some of his old records as decorations from when he was a kid.
My grandma gave me a whole box, but my dad had some amazing records like the Beatles,
Supremes, and Beach Boys that I got to use. I loved how they looked!
One of the most tedious yet lovely things I made for my wedding were the string chandeliers. 
They are two person job, and cannot be done in extreme heat or else they won't turn out.
I made around 25, and my maid of honor was genius and hung them from big silver and green
ribbon, which made them look even more wonderful. 
The items I worked on the most were the garlands. I made hundreds of 
feet worth of garlands. From hearts, to birds, to flowers, to rosettes, I made so many
we didn't have enough time or space to hang them all up!
I also made large rosettes, and  two music paper cone wreaths for above the doors 
and for the patio outside the lodge.
My photo booth was designed by my bridesmaids, and was one of my favorite things about the 
wedding. My cousin is sort of a decorating genius, and threw this white bird cage
up in a tree, which made the whole thing look even more amazing. I made all the garlands, and the frames and suitcase were from my grandma. I hand made the felt photo props (lips, mustaches, and beards), and got the rest from the dollar store. I love how ethereal and rustic it looked. Best photo booth set up ever, in my opinion! I am very biased though.

I will finish up with sharing more details tomorrow!
Stay Warm!
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