Sunday, January 8, 2012

The most beautiful nursery for a baby boy ever!

There are some people in life you just can't seem to be able to move on from! 
My friend Erin, who seriously impacted me while I was in college at Washington State University,
is one of those people for me.
Not only did she move to California and get married my junior year of college, but she is 
having a baby boy named Cameron oh so soon!
She has an amazing blog called World at the Wayside. 
Not only do I think it's worth reading on a normal basis, but do yourself a favor
and check out her GORGEOUS nursery that she and her husband decorated.
I am in love with the colors, the pennant banner, and the placement of everything.
It is the perfect balance of cute and baby boy. 
Check it out  Here 
I am so excited to post next about how to make wonderful tissue paper flowers! 
Have a wonderful Sunday 
Love At

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