Monday, January 9, 2012

Tissue Paper Flowers

This weekend I played catch up with some dear friends.
One of whom wanted to make some tissue paper flowers for her bedroom in specific colors. 
After seeing how good the finished product looked, I made some for my house and etsy shop as well!
My friend used the tutorial from the Sew Sweet Stiches blog, which is absolutely adorable.
I started to make them and for me, the tutorial from A Beautiful Mess Blog by Elsie Larson 
(which is my favorite blog in the history of ever) helped the best. 
She made them for her wedding, which was perfectly retro in every way. 
The way she makes them she learned from her friend Rachel, who has a blog called Smile and Wave,
Both blogs are worth reading daily for ideas on crafts. 
Everyone learns differently, and it helps sometimes when making things to do a bit of research.
We searched Pinterest to find the tutorials for the flowers, 
which is a great website to find tons of different ways to do certain crafts. 

Here are some tips that helped me making the flowers
that aren't mentioned in the tutorials. 
1) Cut 5-7 layers of tissue paper in half for medium flowers. 
Cut in thirds for smaller flowers. 
If you cut it in fourths (or fifths), the paper will rip very easily. 
Use several layers of paper to make the flowers look more full. 
2) Cut large V's in the center of your tissue paper fan
 (wide V's, not tall) so that when you wrap the wire around the fan,
 the paper is perfectly divided. 
This makes it easier to separate the paper, 
and you have less of a chance of ripping the flower. 
3) When pulling the tissue paper towards the center, pull one side at a time gently 
(left, right, left, right, etc.).
This way, the paper won't rip as easily and if it does,
 there will be so many layers you won't notice.
4) Layer different colors if you are feeling adventurous! 
5) Make sure you cut large pieces of wire, and get your tissue paper at the dollar store so 
you don't spend too much. 

Have fun Crafting! Love, At

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