Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wedding Details Part 2

This is part 2 of my 3 part wedding details blog post series!
I am very excited because my blog and etsy shop will be going through 
a massive makeover this week, so please bear with me as I don't post as often as I should.
I am working on some wonderful creations that I am very excited about!
I also will be selling some amazing things from my wedding that I haven't shown pictures of yet,
and showing my wedding invitations, which were absolutely spectacular! 
I will have a new segment coming up on styling, because a few of my dear friends
have been asking when I am going to start giving style advice on my blog.
I will also have a DIY segment starting up soon, as I start creating projects for my new 
future home for the next year in Moscow(thats right, we are most likely staying!)
That's enough for the updates, here are the photos!
The boutonniere's were featured on Ruffled and I also sell them on my Etsy shop!
They are made from peacock feathers, fake pussy willow, fake babys breath,
twine, lace, buttons, and music paper feathers! I will be sharing a tutorial on how I make
my music paper feathers soon. I am hoping to make some out of book paper and maps soon!
They were made the week before, and were one of my favorite things I made!

Our photo-booth photographer Julia Pulliam, is not only a fabulous photographer, but a
wonderful person! She brought her polaroid camera as a surprise wedding present
 and took polaroid's and photo booth pictures that were absolutely stunning.
And not to mention, hilarious. 
 One of my favorite things was that we used Gus's guitar case as a place to collect cards.
It was actually pretty handy, because we could just close the lid and take them with us.
I don't think we actually did that haha, but it was a cool idea and i LOVED how it looked!
I am actually going to start selling the "cards" letters as a banner for suitcases and guitars 
on my etsy shop soon, which is very exciting! 
So one of my husband and I's favorite books is SexGod by Rob Bell. 
We read it while dating, and it changed our whole view of our relationship.
When we were discussing our ceremony and what we wanted with our officiant Josh Martin, I told him
that because of how sacred and beautiful marriage was described as (and should remain as) 
in the book, I was getting married under a traditional Chuppah, to represent God's covering over 
Gus and I. So the week before the wedding, my parents went to a vacant lot near our house
and cut down birch trees. They made the chuppah in a few hours. I used lace my mom had for the covering, and my cousin and moms friend  did the floral design in the front. 
It was a dream. 
While cutting out all those hearts for the garlands, I cut around the cut outs, and made
a heart garland out of all those scraps! I felt like I saved a forest of paper.
We used them for around the chairs. My mom also tied a mason jar with flowers in it around 
the side of the chairs. 
Our invitations and programs were made by Gus's friend and coworker Ethan Kimberling.
Believe it or not, it was his FIRST time designing anything like this, and his design
was so amazing I could hardly stand it. It was probably in my top 5 favorite things 
about my wedding. 1 being my photography and 2 being his designs. 
I will post the invitations soon!

Gus and I have a serious sweet tooth, and since our wedding was on a serious budget,
a candy bar was an absolute must. The tags were made as a sort of wedding present
by my moms super wonderful and creative friend Peggy, who blew me out of the water!
I have a few left over that I am selling on my etsy shop! 

Thats all I am posting for today! Part 3 coming soon!
Much Love and Stay Warm!

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