Friday, August 17, 2012

Old & New

Random fact about me, I am a musician and I may have went to music school.  
If you asked me five years ago where I would be now, I would have told you something completely different from what is actually happening. I probably would have been doing something musical for a living. Right now, I don't know how musical I will be anymore. Music school kinda took it all out of me. However, I do know it gave me a very valuable skill; how to let the creative juices flow in a short amount of time. 
As you know I am a growing Etsy shop owner, and it has been less than easy. It came really difficult for me, and as I learn how to be an entrepreneur and not be my generous "sure I will give you this garland i spent 20 hours making for five dollars and free shipping cause I love you" self, I am learning that in a lot of ways I need to grow up.
I'm not always the best at not procrastinating and not getting burnt out quickly. I am however, good at what I am in the process of doing; pursuing my dream job. Whether it's a full time even planner or not, I know that deep down I really am having a blast making things. You know you are when you wake up at 530 texting friends about their wedding decor you are making for them. 
All in all, as I build up this blog, this business, this new life, I get to learn all these new things. I used to be kinda freaked out I would fail, but it's not going to happen. I know it. Some doors close for me while windows open for others. Everyone gets to enjoy the new and better things in life God has for them, and thats awesome. 

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