Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Style Inspiration

Fall Style Inspiration 

1.  Modern Vintage vintage lace top  2. Ruffle skirt 3. Steve Madden winged shoes 4. Knapsack bag 5. Kate Spade black watch 6. Madewell oversized eyeglass

I wish I could purchase everything I posted right now. I am in love with all of this, and I firmly believe in posting only what I would wear every day (if I could). This post includes looks from Ruche, Madewell, Nasty Gal, Kate Spade, and the good ol' Steve Madden. Why yes I do have my favorite stores and designers, and I am not afraid to show it. I absolutely love certain styles, and I am always trying to update and change certain styles to fit my personality. I feel like the preppy school girl is always changing depending on the latest trends.  Oversized glasses, classy leather backpacks and peter pan collars are some of the hottest trends right now. I chose a knee length high wasted skirt because it gives you the option of adding high socks. Also I know for a fact that girls in private schools do not wear ridiculously short plaid skirts, and I felt the knee length not only was true to style but also more flattering for those of us blessed with curves. Tucking the top in and adding a chunky sweater is always an option, or if its a warm fall day you could just tuck the top in and call it good. Even though I love an edgy look, I regularly find myself going back to preppy looks like these, especially when it comes to choosing glasses and shoes. Overall I feel this look embraces fall, which has been turning out to be quite wonderful, don't you think?

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Chelsea girl said...

I seriously LOVE this look. And of course, my two favorite pieces are from Ruche. I've only (browser) window-shopped their so far. They're a little out of my normal price range but I may have to splurge.

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