Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lately I have not been myself. 
I have been working on a lot of things mentally and emotionally;
Like being a more positive person inwardly, using my time with purpose, and patience.
None of these things come easily to me, and it's been hard to find encouragement. 
Of course encouragement has come through friends & family, the Bible, and my husband.
Tonight it came through a song, in a very odd way. Mumford & Sons recently came out with their new album, Babel.It has been on repeat most days, but today I was focusing on the lyrics.
I was listening to the song Hopeless Wanderer, thinking about how the words relate to my life.
I haven't really felt like I have had much purpose lately. Plans that I thought were set in stone
 have been changing so suddenly that I don't feel like I can really plan for anything, or share 
anything to anyone about my life. Basically, I have felt like a hopeless wanderer. 
 This feeling however, is not what is true about me. 
I might not have an amazing opportunity right in front of me, a set in stone 5 year plan, or
even a daily schedule I can rely on to be consistent; but there are some things that are certain.
I have an amazing marriage that gives me so much faith in the grace of the Lord I can't 
even explain how I feel about it. Even though I still feel like I am in the shallow end,I have been getting involved withmy super amazing new church, which has been a blessing.
My new job has given me more new friends and the best work environment I have had in 
a very long time. The Lord is answering prayers for more friendships.
He also continues to provide for my husband and I, most of the time beyond what we even hope for. 
I have been writing down 10 things I am thankful for every day since August, 
and have had 10 or more each day, no matter what has been going on.
This is not the life of a hopeless wanderer. 
Thanks for letting me share and for reading! 
Enjoy the music of my favorites. 

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