Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Crafting Adventures Part 2

Lately I have been trying to get as many projects as I can get done around the house 
before thanksgiving. Some of the projects I have been doing this past week 
are fall themed, and are not. I noticed yesterday as I  
finished up a couple I have had on my list for months, how motivating it is
to do something you see on pinterest or a blog, and have it turn out perfectly! 
Some people don't really like pinterest, but I love it because it motivates me
to brainstorm as much as I can, and look beyond a simple DIY blog post and see
how I can make something my own creation. I hope some of these projects motivate
you to make something awesome for your place! If you have a pinterest to-do
board I would love to see it, so leave a comment below with a link to your board! 
No-Sew Pillow Case Success!
"The Autumn Leaves" In French Painting 
Fake Fall Pumpkin Decorating 
Mr. & Mrs. Mugs 
"EAT" letters for Kitchen Wall
Simple Glitter Leaf & Acorn Wreath
"My Heart Belongs To" Paintings for Turkey & Africa
Mumford & Sons "Lover of the Light" Lyric Art

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Lena said...

Here is my autumn board:
And my crafting board:

Wasn't it fun to do non-carved pumpkins?!

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