Wednesday, January 4, 2012

4 things I love right now

1) Top Left: Jeni's Splendid Gourmet Ice Cream
Get ready for a party in your mouth! 
My parents bought this and an ice cream machine,
and we had a sampling party on New Years Day. 
Jeni teaches how to make amazing home made ice cream with crazy flavors, from
a simple lemon sorbet, to ice creams that have the strong flavors from wine and cheese in them!
The Earl Grey with Sugar Plum ice cream is the best in my opinion. But I also loved the Darkest Chocolate in the World, Salted Caramel, and  Pear Soaked in Riesling Wine ice creams. 
I am going to ask for an ice cream maker and the book for my birthday,
and I will be sure to document my future ice cream party. 
Dying to try her Boozy Eggnog Ice Cream.
You can buy the book at Barnes and Noble, Anthropologie, and Jeni's website. 
2) Top Right: JCrew Edie Purse
My style has dramatically changed in the past year and a half.
I have learned to love classic, staple items, and mix them with trends.
I am absolutely obsessed with leather shoulder bags right now, and this one
with the gold closure kills me. I also love it in red. 
3) Bottom Left: Society 6 aztec print iPhone case.
Thats right, I got an iPhone for Christmas. 
This means that not only am I absolutely obesssed with apps 
like Instagram, Flipboard, and Words with Friends, 
but I am on the hunt for the perfect iPhone case.
This one is screaming at me. 
Society 6 has a million amazing ones, however, so I don't know how I could choose.
4) Bottom Right: Heart Tights from ASOS
You will soon see that I live 85% of my life in tights. 
I regularly wear dresses and skirts, and these tights drew me the moment
I spotted them on pinterest. 

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